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Massage For Shy Folks Blessing In Disguise

Shy folks would not be caught dead visiting a massage parlor or health-oriented clinic even. This is a pity because such folks would not really know what they are missing. Now, why would shy folks be avoiding the massage therapist’s table as though it were the plague? Well, for one thing, in order for her to do her duty, her patient would be required to disrobe. And that means everything, folks. A sense of decency is, of course, still maintained as the patient is given a clean and fresh towel to wrap around the midriff.

And as for the ladies, the towel is ample enough to cover that area of their bodies as well. But oh no, this is still not acceptable for shy folks. Definitely not acceptable for conservative folks either. What a pity because they still do not have a clue what they are missing out on. Fortunately, for such folks there is a way out. They would never have to disrobe at all. All they would need to do would be to remove their shoes and socks. Only their feet and ankles are exposed to the massage therapist. And what, further, would be so fortunate about receiving a foot massage in Castle Rock?

foot massage in Castle Rock

Why would such a minimalist massage turn out to be a blessing in disguise? Well now, this is no ordinary masseuse these shy folks are dealing with. She is no less qualified than many other medical massage therapists. But in actually fact, she could very well be more qualified. She is a specialist in the feet area. She knows how to find all the trigger or pressure points in a lone foot that leads to all the other areas of the body.