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4 Common Tooth Implant Myths

Tooth implants offer a great alternative to dentures and partials for men and women who are missing a tooth or teeth. Although implants aren’t new technology, it’s been in recent years that their popularity has caught on, leaving many people with questions and a lot of misinformation. If you are considering the tooth implant procedure harrisonburg, start with accurate information. The four myths and truths below give you a great head start.

1.    Dental Implants Hurt: There’s always some discomfort associated with a dental procedure, including implants. However, painfully they’re not, thanks to modern advancements and medications that keep patients comfortable and secure from start to finish. Talk to your doctor about any concerns and he’ll ease your worries and provide a great solution.

tooth implant procedure harrisonburg

2.    I Can’t Afford Dental Implants: A single implant can cost as much as $5,000 and sometimes, even more. Additional dental work may also become necessary for implant installation. Dental insurance doesn’t pay any of the costs of the implants. However, financing options and payment plans ease some concern and make it easier to cover the costs of implants.

3.    Implants Look Fake: People pay considerably more for implants compared to dentures. They pay this extra money because implants not only look more like real teeth, they also feel more like the natural teeth.

4.    Dental Implants Do Not Last: Dentures must be repaired, relined and replaced often. Tooth implants, on the other hand, offer long-lasting value that can provide a lifetime of smiles when taken care of properly.

The list of myths concerning dental implants doesn’t stop with the four listed above, although this does look at some of the most common. Don’t let myths stop you from enjoying a beautiful smile after tooth loss. Dental implants could provide the solution that you need and want.