What Are Your Best Options For Teeth Repair?

What Are Your Best Options For Teeth Repair?

Our teeth are vital to our overall health, appearance and self-esteem.  When we have a full mouth of teeth, we are able to eat, smile and proceed with our life as normal.  When our teeth are chipped, we have decay and our mouth and breath aren’t fresh, it just makes us feel bad and hence go in search of a solution.


Dentures are fake teeth that you can insert into your mouth and which will look and act as real teeth.  When deciding on dentures you can either get a set of partial dentures lancaster or you can get a complete set.  Which one you get will be determined by your need and future possible issues.

partial dentures lancaster


The next option that people are swaying towards is getting full implants.  When we look at implants, we are working with teeth that are permanent and screwed or implanted in your mouth.  The difference between dentures and implants is that implants won’t be removed and will require different care options compared to dentures.

Eating with Dentures and Implants

Since dentures and implants are made of synthetic materials many people will fear eating what they used to work, since they fear the implants or dentures will break, they will tend to stay away from some foods.  This is a myth.  Dentures and implants are designed to help break up all types of foods just like real teeth do.  With this in mind, you don’t want to abuse your teeth, however, feel free to eat normally.

Care for your teeth

With the new teeth that you have gotten it is important that you change your habits and really take care of them.  Use brushing, mouthwashes, chemical cleaner and other options that your dentists will discuss with you when caring for your teeth.  Getting dentures and implants are not cheap.  Make sure that you look at this as a long term investment and treat them with respect.